Ways To Support

You have the power to positively impact the mental and general well-being of the Nigerian and African Child. By giving today, you contribute to A Mother’s Love
Initiative’s efforts to create a  brighter future for children in Nigeria and Africa. You can make a gift through various means: online donations, sending a cheque to our office, or via wire transfer. For further details, please contact us at info@amothersloveng.org

Give your time and Become a Volunteer

At the heart of A Mother’s Love Initiative lies our collaboration with courageous, dynamic organizations committed to uplifting the lives of children and youth within their communities. We actively seek out new partners locally and globally, guided by our regional strategies, especially as we launch and expand thematic and regional initiatives. Explore our strategies and initiatives across Nigeria, Africa, and the
world at large.
We are dedicated to selecting partners who share our values and mission, and who can maximize their impact through collaboration with A Mother’s Love Initiative. Our eligibility criteria and selection guidelines serve as our compass in maintaining this commitment. 
Join us as a volunteer and lend your time to make a difference!



Be a Change Maker

There are many ways to give, your gifts positively impact the mental and general well-being of the Nigerian and African Children. By giving today, you contribute to A Mother’s Love Initiative's efforts to create a brighter future for children in Nigeria and Africa.

Give at work

Your workplace is a hub for change. Join us in giving at work to support Nigerian and African children. Whether through employer (CSR), employee giving programs, or fundraising events, your contributions make a real difference. Together, let's empower change right where you are. Thank you for amplifying our impact through your workplace generosity.

Leave A Legacy

Your support today ensures a brighter future for Nigerian and African children. By leaving a legacy with A Mother’s Love Initiative, you're investing in lasting change. Whether through a one-time donation or considering future generations in your giving, your generosity shapes the lives of tomorrow's leaders. Join us in empowering these children and leaving a legacy of hope and opportunity. Thank you for making a difference.

Host a Fundraising or GoFund:

A Mother’s Love Initiative aims to bring together experts who are passionate about supporting children, youth, and families. We invite you to join our work around the world by hosting a fundraiser or a go fund at home, at school, at a local business, or online! We welcome creative ideas that can help us achieve our objectives.

Buy A Mother's Love African Child adventure Storybook Series "Dear Future Me"

The Adventures of an African Child “Dear Future Me” is a fictional book series that centers around the life of an average African Child, readers get to experience the exciting adventures of an African child. Each book in the series is a collection of stories- all of which are African-themed and will be useful in educating young children with valuable moral and life lessons. The engaging narrative of each story will not only captivate children’s attention but will also be an idyllic medium through which they can be taught (Coming Soon).