A Mother's Love Initiative

The Well-being and Future of the African Child​

As a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, our commitment lies in fostering a nurturing
environment that empowers children and young people to reach their full potential, irrespective of
socioeconomic background. Hence, we shape our program to focus on the following thematic areas:


Based on the vision of the organization, we employ two major approaches to addressing the needs of the African child. These intervention approaches are also deployed through two main methods. These two major approaches include:

The preventive approach focuses on involvements that are geared towards instilling positive and precautionary measure that increases the adaptive behaviors a child exhibits as he or she grows in the family or society. In this situation, the child is exposed to certain guidance through information and learning that helps in equipping him or her for immediate and future challenges On the other hand, the remedial approach addresses a child’s problem or maladaptive behaviors that are expressed due to the inability for the child to cope or adapt of changing internal and external demands in his or her environment. In this situation, the problem behavior is to be tackled through counseling or therapeutic interventions.

The two main methods by which activities are deployed include:

Facility-based interventions will include activities and programs that are carried out within learning environments that are structured and significant to the total development of the child. This intervention is always limited in scope and size. Community-based interventions include activities or programs that are deployed within the social institutions in society.